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Never Stop Improving

Something I never truly understood until I began running my own business was that if you are going to do something great or be something great you can never stop improving.  Since my partner and I left our jobs to start CWF we have spent every waking (and dreaming) moment trying to improve our product.  Just when we think we have it exactly right we find something that can be made better or simpler or cleaner or whatever.  There are days when I am so exhausted that I just want to say screw it, it’s good enough.  Yet the second I shut my computer and start to walk away I am yanked back, as if my laptop projects out some sort of tractor beam. 

So I keep pressing on, keep improving.  Steve Jobs once said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance” - I, for one, believe this.  Find joy in the journey, because without the journey you will never reach your dream.

That’s why I will Never Stop Improving.


Don’t Question Why Things Happen The Way They Do


College With Friends came to be out of a “fortunate stroke of serendipity”, the hunger to do something great, and the support of amazing family, friends, and investors.  

It started with a random pairing, at a random bank, in a random city.  Matt and I got  connected while working in retail banking. During the quiet days at our branch (which were most days) we would hang out in my office and talk.  It was through these chat sessions that the original ideas behind our business were hatched.  (See pictures above - left image shows our first ever mockup of the idea; right image shows our first attempt at financial projections.  Think a VC would go for these?) 

Our idea is one of those that started on the token napkin.  It’s one that started through happenstance.  It’s one that started out of naivete and a leap of faith.  People ask us all the time, “so when did you come up with the idea for College With Friends?”.  Well I guess technically this is the answer, however, there is much more to the story.

Pull Back The Curtain

Welcome to the “official” College With Friends blog.  Woohoo! 

We are excited to share our world with you and give you a behind the scenes look into our company.  Do you have any idea what it’s like to leave your steady paying job and spend 649 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes, 29 seconds (in no way did we EVER think it would take us this long) making something that was nothing more than a foggy little thought drifting around inside your head?  Well we do and we’re going to tell you exactly what it’s like.

So we hope you read, share, question, laugh, yell, cry (if your into that sort of thing), think, and wonder along with us as we journey back to the beginning and into the future.


Jeremy & Matt

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